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Privacy is extremely valuable and important which is why Ash TV takes privacy
seriously. As the founder and nominated representative of Ash TV, I, Ash Lewis,
therefore present to you our Privacy Policy in which is set forth how we collect and
process data received from you in any way.
We collect information to provide better services to all of our users, whether you are
an advertiser, a publisher, or a potential customer for one of our advertisers. This
collected information can be as simple as what country you are in and language you
speak, to what device you use and what interests you the most.
I would like to ensure you that there is no need for you to worry about your privacy,
we will take good care of your personal data. However, feel free to contact us if you
have any comments on or questions about this privacy policy, by emailing

Ash TV intl. ltd.
Ash TV intl. ltd., being your ‘Data Controller’, gives you the following information in
compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998:
Company name: Ash TV Intl. Ltd. (hereinafter: Ash TV)
Registered business address: 31-38 Queen Street, C4DI, Hull, HU11UU

Data collection

Data we mostly collect includes, but is not limited to your name, company name,
company address, company occupation, company target audience, mailing address,
billing address, phone number, email address, and payment information such as credit
card details. The following list includes, but is not limited to the data we may collect
and/or process about you:
Information you give us. This can be by submitting information on forms, such
as, but not limited to registration forms, either on our website, or on any
websites we may be published on;
Information we receive when using your Ash TV account, or any of our services,
such as, but not limited to the campaigns you create, the preferences of your
target audience, and the videos you upload.
Information we receive during your use of our services. This information
includes device information (e.g. your IP address, browser type, operating
system, unique device ID (such as IMEI), (mobile) network information etc.), log
information (such as cookies, see section ‘Cookies’ for more), and event
information (such as time and date of your request and referral URL, system
activity, malfunctions such as crashes etc.);
Information we obtain about you from partners, which they were legally
allowed to share;

A record of any correspondence between us, such as emails and phone calls;
Details of your visits to our website and the resources you use. This includes
search queries, device information, log information and event information;
Details of your visits to our advertisers’ websites. This information is gathered
through our advertising platform and includes, but is not limited to whether
you clicked the played advertisement, if a conversion resulted out of that click,
your search queries after seeing an advertisement via our platform, and if you
still visit the website of the advertiser without clicking on the advertisement;
All data collected by Ash TV has an end use, see section Data usage.

Data usage

Any of the data collected and/or processed will be used by Ash TV to:
Present website content effectively to you. E.g. compatibility of our website
and/or advertising platform for your device;
Provide information, products and services that you have requested, or we
think may interest you, but only with your consent. This includes redirecting
this information to our legal staff in order to draft contracts. This also includes
informing you on charges, progress, our terms, any changes in our terms, prices
or policies, and other products and services you requested or that might
interest you;
Allow you and us to provide, create (develop), maintain, protect and improve
our products and services;
Allow third parties, only with your consent, to contact you, and/or provide you
with products or services;
Improve customer communication and relations.


A cookie is defined by us as a small file containing a string of characters
which is sent to your device when visiting a website. The reason we use cookies is to
allow our website to recognise your computer. Cookies can store preferences and
other kinds of information so your user experience is optimised. It is possible to disable
cookies in the settings of your browser, however, some websites or features on the
website may not function properly when disabling cookies. We use cookies to
distinguish between users and improve our website.
Data storage
By using Ash TV services, or giving your personal data to us in any way, you agree to
the following methods of data storage:
Cloud storage, dedicated server storage.

Passwords and details belonging to you are encrypted by us when stored in our servers. You are solely responsible for keeping all
valuable personal information, such as passwords, confidential.
Stored at multiple data storages in case of force majeure or a malfunction? To
keep your data safe and sound at all time?
No government entity has (backdoor) access to your data or our servers.
that store your data. Ash TV does not reserve the right to disclose information
other than the exceptions, see section Disclosure.

Ash TV reserves the right to disclose certain personal information to trusted third
parties. We have the right to disclose certain information when:
Required to do so by law, or by any competent authority;
We are negotiating the sale of our business, or our company. Any potential
buyer has the right to know about our client base.
A partner of Ash TV needs to have certain information to provide us with
products or sales for your needs.

Customer’s rights

You reserve the right to withdraw your data from being used for marketing
purposes. You however do not reserve the right to withdraw your data from
being used for business purposes.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, you reserve the right to
request disclosure on what information we have collected from you. You can
request disclosure by emailing Ash TV reserves the right to
reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, that require disproportionate
effort, or that risk the privacy of others.

Entire Policy

This Privacy Policy supersedes all prior agreements made between you and Ash
TV regarding privacy, unless stated otherwise;
This Privacy Policy is applicable to all services offered by Ash TV and to all
visitors of the Ash TV website;
None of the Ash TV terms, including this Privacy Policy, apply to any other
websites than the website set forth in this agreement:;

Ash TV reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. You will be
informed on changes in our Privacy Policy. We however do not reserve the
right to reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without explicit consent.
All prior Privacy Policies will be archived and disclosed per request.

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